Scrap my gold , stash it or start again......?

Over the last couple of years I have had an increasing amount of customers come to me with a stash of old jewellery, wanting to up- cycle it in to something fab and new (and something that fits!) 

Depending on the stash, it can be relatively easy to create something modern, wearable and new from Granny's much loved and well worn treasure. 

This customer came to me with a necklace she had inherited and an idea of what she wanted it to be made into - a simple double hoop necklace. 



The original necklace was a heavy and bulky gold pendant on a thick chain with a couple of really good quality diamonds and a generous weight of gold......perfect.  

So I agreed a design with the customer and then set about turning the gold into workable bullion.


In this case I sent the gold off to my refiner who magically turned it into a perfect piece of gold wire and some gold tube. 

First I worked the gold wire in to the hoops and the tube in to two settings for the beautiful diamonds, joined the two interlinking hoops, then added a delicate but sturdy gold chain. 




Once the two settings were secured in to the hoops I attached the chain and polished the pendant, the last step is to set the diamonds. These diamonds were a high quality 'Brilliant' cut and had little wear so were perfect for re-setting. 

Et Voila! A bespoke necklace is born from Granny's old gold and diamonds! Hopefully it is also a bit more pass-on-able when the kids grow up (well here's hoping anyways or I wouldn't have done my job very well!) 


So, stash it till it comes back in to fashion.....start again make something new from it and show it off.....or scrap it and take a holiday! I know what I would do! 

If you have your own stash or an idea for a bespoke piece, please do get in touch, this is what I love to do. Email me here.