Uk Based jewellery repairs and manufacture services

Sophia Hargreaves Jewellery Repairs & Manufacture was to set up to provide a stand alone service based around exceptional attention to detail, quality workmanship and a commitment to working with strong ethics and the upkeep of traditional practices. These principals, which are becoming increasingly hard to find and access in a modern world, are key to every aspect of Sophia's work.

Now based in the creative hub of Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, my portfolio of services is ever increasing as the demand rises for a cost effective, skilled and knowledgeable jewellery service. My skill set enables me to undertake a great range of jewellery repairs and alterations, be it a repair, a resize or a re-polish, I'm sure to have it looking like new with the personal service the high street can't offer.

My growing portfolio of clients covers all sectors of the jewellery market including high end fashion designers, high street jewellers, jewellery sales people, craft jewellers and emerging talent.

I'm always happy to help on projects of any scale and I have had many successes streamlining customers' existing processes to give them a faster more cost efficient way of manufacturing their jewellery.